Our Team

In 2017 we began creating a platform to help impact churches and places of worship on social media and with the creation of the Church Safety & Security group, on Facebook. We have assisted countless churches with training, coaching and discipleship. We partner with other great organizations to provide training when we’ve seen their heart for ministry and the church. Our emphasis has, and always will be, serving churches and focusing on ministry and safety, rather than just tactical with church security. With a combined total of over 40 years in Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, and church ministry, we can help you with your ministry!

James McGarvey

Executive Director, Speaker, Author, Broadcast Host

James McGarvey has served as the Safety Director of Fellowship Baptist Church, in Columbus, Ohio for over twelve years. Previously to that, he spent 25 years in Public Safety working as an EMS Dispatcher, Firefighter, EMT, First Responder Instructor, Disaster Chaplain, and Reserve Officer for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept.  With a heart for serving the Lord and the local community, he has served in roles as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, and many other Church leadership roles.  In 2007 he started the Church Safety & Security Facebook Group because he felt that there was little ministry focus in spiritually equipping and disciplining with church safety. He currently works full time for the U.S. Defense Department and assists several colleges with curriculum development in leadership, logistics, and team management. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

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Paul Buckner

Speaker, Author, Broadcast Host

Paul Buckner has worked in Church Safety for around ten years, back when finding good training was a real challenge. For the last eight years, he has actively served as a civilian chaplain for police departments in his area, something he continues to be very passionate about. During this time he has worked to help keep good cops behind badges and even fought physically to protect officers who were attacked in the line of duty. He is also very skilled in Executive Protection protecting local Christian Celebrities and actively works with local churches in ministering to victims of sex trafficking. Paul continues to train zealously and has coined the phrase, “Semper Disciplina” within the Church Safety Community, meaning “Always Training” in Latin.

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Mike Scully

Director of Operations, Speaker, Author, Broadcast Host

Mike brings 20+ years of experience in Operations, Safety, Security, Nonprofit Operations & Communications. Mike has served in Emergency Management where he worked on preparedness, technology, public information, and launched their drone program. He served as a Deputy Director of their Emergency Response Team where he helped with volunteer operations, procedures, executive protection, and event management. He also served with Homeland Security where he handled social media communications and acted as the shooter during Emergency Responder Training in Active Threat drills in the state of MA. Mike has served 7 years as an elected official leading community preparedness, emergency alert information, and crisis communications in a medium-sized community. He is currently living and serving at a church plant, in Austin, Texas, where he is actively training Safety Team members, conducting risk assessments and mapping out safety plans and procedures for a newer building and young team. Mike enjoys long road trips with his wife and their three children.

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Jason LeBlanc

Creative Content & Website Design

Jason has always been safety-minded, however, the events at Sutherland Springs in 2017 and White Settlement in 2019 showed him how critical safety and protection is even for small-town churches like his. He determined to learn all he could about church safety and began doing what he could at his church. It was at this time that he met James, Paul, and the Church Safety Guys organization. He brings a variety of skills to the team, notably in the areas of media design, event planning, and community management. He works as the artistic director of a community theater and is involved at his church, where he oversees the video ministry and is in the process of building a safety ministry from the ground up. He has a passion for safety and learning and loves to share what he knows with anyone interested.

Emily Davis

Social Media & Engagement

Emily and her husband Nick, herald from Central Ohio.  She currently assists as a Secretary for the  Children’s Ministries at Fellowship Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio. Her husband Nick regularly helps out with programming and games for many different aspects of the Children’s Ministries.  When the two of them aren’t consumed by church activities and leadership, they both enjoy spending time with their son and daughter, and other family members.  Emily joins the Church Safety Guys team with an energetic spirit and a great attitude.  She assists with social media interaction.

Why Us?

Churches need to be about community and supporting families. They are a demonstration of resiliency in their community. We have an obligation to ensure that they remain safe! We view church safety and security as a ministry component of the local church. Places of Worship and churches have the right to protect themselves from life threatening situations, but in truth, most events that happen in churches are more medical related than security related. 

We are a non-profit organization that can help you find quality training, teach quality training, and help you get prepared. Whether it’s recommending policies, training or equipment, we are truly a one stop for all things safety and security. Because we understand that to build a solid ministry team, it takes the right equipping, training, and discipling. Our ministry is to help as many churches as possible, equipping, training, and discipling them. Churches that implement discipleship strategies motivate their members and volunteers that serve, thus retaining members and investing into them for ultimate success of the ministry.

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