Ministry Partners

Below are companies that we encourage training with! These are partners we encourage you to check out for training in all things Church related. These companies have to meet the following criteria:

  • 1.) Embrace church safety and security as a ministry in the church.
  • 2.) Have a strong focus for helping churches and serving God through their organization.
  • 3.) Have passed a rigorous screening process with the Church Safety Guys.

Thomas Alexander Insurance Agency & Associates Inc.

Our agency is a family based, christian agency that works directly with individuals from personal lines, churches, christian camps, christian schools, religious non-profits, small businesses, life insurance, and much more. Regardless of whether your church is big or small, we can develop a plan that fits your needs and your budget. Our agency works with insurance providers who offer coverage created to specifically suit the needs of churches.

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Full Armor Church

Safety & Security Training and Policy Writing

Full Armor Church is an industry leader in church safety and provides affordable on-site training and safety workshops. All of our instructors have law enforcement and pastoral experience. This combination makes the Full Armor difference.Our Church Security kits come with everything you need to organize and operate your security ministry. From ready made policy manuals, forms, and training presentations. Full Armor Church allows you to be the expert.

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Shield Force International

Security & Safety Training – “No Victims Here”

Shield Force provides professional training to Law Enforcement, Churches, Schools, Civilians and the Corporate world of businesses. We Have Trained Over 4,000 Students Since 2016!  Shield Force specializes in understanding what works in the Church environment to reduce Disturbances, Injuries, Law Suits, Loss of Property, and Loss of life.

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Gentle Response

Conflict De-Escalation Training

From the Message translation of the Bible, John took his business name from Proverbs 15:1, “A Gentle Response Defuses Anger”.  Gentle Response is not just another lecture presentation, it is a dynamic training program specifically designed to help a person develop stress inoculation, muscle memory, self-confidence, and confidence in other colleagues.  John and his team of instructor/role players have a combined 100 years of street experience as law enforcement officers, they are not just teaching out of some textbook, they lived it.  They can help you and your staff better prepare to interact with someone who is angry, loud, rude, and obnoxious to prevent a stressful volatile situation from becoming a violent critical incident.

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Worship Security Association

Safety & Security Training- With Online Component

We’re committed to creating faith-based, relevant content that you can truly use. Our experts research what is occurring in faith organizations around the country to create unique training sessions for you. Our content is available to stream anywhere. It’s convenient for your security ministry and easily accessible by your teams. Over 150 exclusive church security training videos. The ability to track user training records demonstrates sustainable training for staff and volunteers.  Exclusive access to our network of trainers, experts, consultants, and business partners.

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Sprit Led Security

Jason & Heather White

Our vision is to encourage local churches to enhance their safety without sacrificing the Great Commandment (Matt 22) and Great Commission (Matt 28).

SLS is a Christ centered, people focused strategy that uses the gifts and talents within the church. The goal is to foster outreach and enhance security without creating a distraction to the worship environment.

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Two Way Radio Center

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Places of Worship have a need to communicate effectively, without exception. Parking teams, security teams, Sound/AV directors, and facilities managers may all incorporate two way radios to streamline their communication.  Thus, staff and volunteers may both instantly to respond to adjustments, emergencies, or updates.  The needs of various places of worship may differ widely, but the dynamic uses of a two-way radio provide a ready source for better communication in both small and large religious organizations.

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