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To Protect And Serve

To Protect and Serve is a 31 Day Devotional, with a group study section, that is geared towards the law enforcement professional, first responder, or church security volunteer. It offers a special chapter of encouragement from police officers on dealing with the stresses of life in the uniform. Great as a gift of encouragement to those currently serving, or those retired! Written by James McGarvey.

The Gratitude Challenge

The Gratitude Challenge is a 31 Day devotional journal designed for men and women in ministry. Author and ministry leader James McGarvey shares daily encouragement and scripture to help you refocus your vision on what matters. Renew your mind and heart with thanksgiving and gratitude through daily journaling while developing Biblical habits to cultivate a life of living for Christ. Written by James McGarvey.

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled is a 31 Day Devotional, designed to encourage mental and spiritual health of your Church Safety & Security Team. It offers 6 guided topics throughout the month and is great for teams or individuals. It also includes journal and group study guide formats for teams. Written by James McGarvey.

War Ready

A 31 Day Devotional, designed to encourage mental, spiritual, and physical health through the month. It has an exercise routine and emphasis on physical discipline and getting in the right “mind-set” for Church Safety & Security. If can be used individually or in a team format. Written by Paul Buckner and James McGarvey.

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