Season 4, Episode 3: Protecting the Youth Group @ Your Church


  • Hosted by James McGarvey, Paul Buckner, and Mike Scully, with special guest Alan Hughes (Safety Director of NextLevel Church in Florida).
  • Start youth safety team members with simple, but enforced, responsibility.
  • 17-18 years old is generally a good age for teens to begin, but it always depends on the individual.
  • Teens quickly pick up on how you treat them, especially if you have a problem with them.
  • Teach teen members “Know what to look for, know who to tell.” – they are not to engage,.
  • Consider encouraging involvement in a local CERT program.
  • Signs of sexual abuse and human trafficking among youth:
    • An abnormally close relationship with someone significantly older than them (either related or not-related); acting more childish than usual when around that person.
  • Control what adults are allowed in children’s and youth areas. Generally, only those who are helping should be there.
  • All youth workers should have background checks.
  • “If it’s suspicious for someone, it’s suspicious for everyone.”
  • Always have accountability – a two-adult presence.
  • Don’t allow suspicious or questionable patterns to develop.
  • NEW: The Case for Church Safety & Security
  • Contact the Church Safety Guys for training assistance.
  • Sponsored by Thomas Alexander Insurance Agency & Associates Inc., Full Armor Church, and Shield Force International.
  • Watch on Youtube.

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